Forster UK APS Film Insert For pixl-latr

  • £7.49

This is an insert for camera scanning Advanced Photo System (APS) film with a pixl-latr by Hamish Gill of

APS film is the hottest thing in film photography, it's taking the world by storm*

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The insert can be used to digitise the whole frame of the image taken. An APS camera appears to crop images to three preset sizes, however the camera lied to you and the actual image taken is larger and probably even more awesome than you could have imagined

Unleash the full potential of your amazing photographs with this pixl-latr insert

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Directions for use;

Use Gate 4 in the top position and Gate 2 underneath, the insert fit at the bottom in the remaining gap

Note that the pixl-latr is sold separately

pixl-latr is available at

*See Mike Gutterman of the Negative Positives Film Photo Podcast for more details and maybe some proof