Fikaz Nikon F(G) to NIK-Z Adapter Nikon F (G) to Nikon-Z Adapter

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Fikaz Nikon F(G) to NIK-Z Adapter Nikon F (G) to Nikon-Z Adapter

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This adapter allows all Nikon-Z Mount (Z6 & Z7 etc) camera bodies to accept current Nikon autofocus lenses and older F Mount lenses (Ais/Ai/Pre-Ai) for use as a manual focus lens

The adapter is not fully compatible with the Nikon "P" lenses with an electronic iris. If in doubt, please ask.

This adapter is not compatible with Nikon DSLR it is designed for the new range of Nikon Full Frame mirrorless bodies. If in doubt, please ask.

Please note, this adapter has no autofocus capability

Quality lens adapter manufactured by Fikaz allows for aperture control and infinity focus

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If you have any questions about adapting your camera to use older lenses, please ask

Important Maintenance Note: Over time, the mount of any adapter of any brand may loosen, should this happen, please ensure that the mount is tightened with a screwdriver, otherwise your lens will not be secured properly

Never use a lens on an adapter if the lens is not locked into place or the lens feels loose against the adapter