Forster UK Hasselblad SWC Lens Cap

  • £9.99

Forster UK Hasselblad SWC Lens Cap

A flexible cap for the Hasselblad SWC as shown in the photo. There are other vesrions of this camera and I have yet to confirm whether the cap fits the other versions. If you are able to provide me with an accurate measurement of the other versions of the lens, will be able to confirm compatibility or I will be able to make a lens cap to fit your SWC

Free UK Delivery

Design by Simon Forster Photographic

The cap is 3D printed using a flexible material that gives a secure and snug fit

Available in Black, Bright Orange or Red, other colours can be made upon request

Camera is not included...

If in doubt as to whether this lens cap is correct for you, please ask and I will help you

I you require a lens cap for another lens or camera, please get in touch as I may be able to make one for you