Forster UK Olympus Trip 35 & 35 RC Lens Cap

  • £6.99

Flexible cap for Olympus Trip 35 & 35 RC cameras

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An original design by Simon Forster Photographic

A replacement lens cap to protect the lens and selenium cell for the Olympus Trip 35 and 35 RC cameras

Available in black to give full protection to the selenium cell and bright orange to look cool... The orange cap will provide some protection for the selenium cell, but it is advised to keep the cell pointed away from strong light when not in use

If in doubt as to whether this lens cap is correct for you, please ask and I will help you

The cap is 3D printed using a flexible material that gives a secure and snug fit

Camera not included...

Available in Black or Bright Orange, other colours can be made upon request subject to a minimum order of four caps

Custom fitted caps for other lenses are available upon request, just drop me a message to discuss your needs