K&F Concept M42 to Nikon Adapter Close Focus Version, No Infinity

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K&F Concept M42 to Nikon Adapter Close Focus Version, No Infinity


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This adapter allows all Nikon F Mount camera bodies to accept M42 Screw Mount lenses for use as a manual focus lens

IMPORTANT: This adapter does not have a corrective glass element to enable a Nikon F mount lens to achieve an infinity focus

This M42 adapter does not have a "ledge" that many M42 lenses require to allow manual control of the aperture, therefore the adapter is only suitable for use with lenses with a functional Auto/Manual switch and preset lenses

Usage Notes:

Some M42 lenses have the potential to interfere with the mirror when at or close to infinity, and could cause damage to your camera. I am happy to give advice on how to test a lens for compatibility, however the procedure is not without risk

This adapter is not compatible with “Mamiya SX” M42 lenses due to these lenses having a metering pin in the lens mount. This issue applies to all M42 adapters and may cause damage to the lens or adapter

The adapter works with modern DSLR and classic Nikon bodies. Please note that that only the higher end Nikon cameras will allow automatic metering with this lens, lower range Nikon bodies from the D3000 & D5000 range and the latest D7500 will only allow for fully manual shooting with out metering. If in doubt about compatibility with your Nikon, please ask

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