Minolta X-300 / X-500 / X-700 / X-370 / X-570 Butter Grip By Cameradactyl

  • £27.99

Butter Grip By Cameradactyl Grip For Minolta X-300 / X-500 / X-700 / X-370 / X-570

Officially licensed product by Ethan Moses of Cameradactyl USA

Made by Simon Forster Photographic in the UK

A grip for your Minolta camera from the X-700 range;


Attaches to camera body using the supplied tripod D ring screw

Battery storage compartment inside grip handle

Standard size metal tripod adapter available as an optional extra

Wood fibre grip includes bonded tripod adapter

Made with UK/EU PLA or wood fibre infused PLA, plant based, recyclable and industrially compostable

The design of the tripod D screw may vary

If in doubt as to whether this grip is correct for your camera, please ask and I will help you

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