Protective Caps For Reveni Labs Spot Meter (Pair)

  • £7.99

Front & Rear Pair of Caps for the Reveni Labs Spot Meter

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Design by Simon Forster Photographic

The caps protect the front and rear optics of the Reveni Labs Spot Meter (sold separately, here)

If in doubt as to whether these caps are correct for you, please ask and I will help you

Available in a range of colours

The caps are 3D printed using a flexible material that gives a secure and snug fit to both ends of the Reveni Labs Spot Meter

The Reveni Spot Meter shown in the photos is not included...

The design of the lens caps is subject to change

I have designed each lens cap to fit snugly and protect the rear of your precious device

3D Printing allows for the production of low volume uncommon lens & body caps and I have designed them with a consistent design philosophy and in some cases, the caps exceed the robustness and engineering standards of original manufacturer caps.

The nature of 3D printing means that each item is unique and the finish is less consistent compared to an original moulded cap