UV Topcon Body Caps & UV/HI Topcor Rear Lens Caps By Forster UK

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UV Topcon Body Caps & UV/HI Topcor Rear Lens Caps By Forster UK

Please read the full description before purchasing, to ensure you select the correct cap

Design by Simon Forster Photographic

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Body & lens caps designed for UV Topcon cameras and UV Topcor & HI Topcor rear lens caps

Topcon 35mm SLR cameras can be found with one of two lens mounts, the first mount from the RE range of cameras and lenses uses a modified Exakta mount, a listing for those caps can be found here;

In 1963, Topcon introduced the UV mount cameras and lenses, and this listing is for these cameras and lenses

There is just one camera mount, however, there are two versions of the lens mount. The original lenses are labelled "UV", and a later version was labelled "HI". Both the UV and HI Topcors will fit all UV mount cameras, however differences in the lens mount mean that I have a UV Topcor Rear Lens Cap and a HI Topcor Rear Lens Cap

My UV Topcor cap will function on a HI Topcor lens and vice versa, however the way they fit is sub-optimal, so please choose the correct rear lens cap for your lens

Body Cap - This cap fits all cameras that use the UV Topcor mount including the confusingly named RE Auto

UV Topcor Rear Lens Cap - For lenses marked "UV Topcor"

HI Topcor Rear Lens Cap - For lenses marked "HI Topcor"

Available in a range of colours including #She Hearts Film Purple

She Hearts Film is an Analogue Wonderland initiative that aims to put a spotlight on female film photographers through the hashtag #Sheheartsfilm. Simon Forster Photographic and Analogue Wonderland have collaborated to create some special She Hearts Film lens caps. The lens caps are available in the signature She Hearts Film purple, helping to spread the mission of the project through colourful photography accessories. For every #SheHeartsFilm lens cap sold, £1 will be donated to Hundred Heroines, a UK based charity dedicated to promoting women in photography

If in doubt as to whether this lens cap is correct for you, please ask and I will help you

3D Printed lens cap made from UK/EU manufactured PLA (plant based, recyclable and industrially compostable)

The design of the cap and colour shades are subject to change

3D Printing allows for the production of low volume uncommon lens caps and I have designed them with a consistent design philosophy and in some cases, the caps exceed the robustness and engineering standards of the original caps

The nature of 3D printing means that each item is unique and the finish is less consistent compared to an original moulded lens cap

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